How To Look After Your Car?

car maintenance tips

“Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car.” – E. B. White

Our cars and how we look after them say a lot about us. For some, cars are just a necessity, a way to get where you need to go. No more, no less. However, you cannot deny that no matter how uninteresting you find cars; the better you look after them, the longer they’ll last. 

That goes for aesthetics as well as mechanical maintenance. If you keep the exterior of your car in good shape, it bodes well for protecting what’s going on under the bonnet. 

Need some car maintenance tips? You’ve come to the right place. 

Why Polish Your Car?

Polishing your car is a great way to protect it from the elements and it’s cost-effective. Taking pride in your car and how it looks won’t just make you feel better stepping out of it but should you decide to trade in or sell your car, a better exterior means you’ll fetch a better price. 

We stock the best polishes and polishing materials for any car from brands such as Turtle Wax, Armor All, and Menzerna, making your life that much easier.

How To Get Rid of A Scratch On Your Car

There’s nothing worse than knowing there’s a scratch on your car. No matter how small, the fact that we know it’s there can drive some of us crazy. The great news is that you don’t always have to go to a garage to get rid of the damage. 

Depending on the depth and if the scratch marks are fine, they can be compounded out and polished over. Deeper scratches may need to be filled in with paint and lacquer. When fully dry, they can then be compounded and polished. Polishing after the fix is important to protect against UV lights and acid rain

If your car has become dull and faded, look no further than Auto Treasure to help you bring back the lustre and vibrancy of the paintwork. We have the products for you to get back your car’s beautiful shine with a comprehensive range of rubbing compounds, shampoos, waxes and detailers, always at a great price. 

We stock what you need for every stage of car care such as 5-litre containers of Turtle Wax Big Orange shampoo, and Zip Wax Car Wash & Wax, a 2-in-1 solution. We also offer a range of rubbing compounds and finishing waxes such as our rubbing compound heavy-duty cleaner by Turtle Wax, and a variety of scratch repair and remover products. 

Interior Car Maintenance

As well as focusing on the outside, we know that what’s on the inside is just as important. Take a look at our interior cleaning products, polishes, accessories and more so that you can feel relaxed and assured that your car is in the best possible condition. 

We can give you all the car service tips under the sun but if you look after your car regularly, you should be able to keep it in good health for many years. 

Disclaimer: Bad driving cannot be fixed by polish and compound but at least it will look good on the way to the mechanic!

Build A Car Maintenance Kit

Want to have everything you need to look after your car on hand 24/7? Make a start with these at-home exterior maintenance kits.

Exterior maintenance kits

Kit 1 (for beginners): Compound, shampoo, wax, window cleaner, bug and tar remover, alloy wheel cleaner, tyre cleaner, plastic trim restorer, sponge, bucket, cloths, chamois, squeegee, telescopic brush.

Kit 2 (level up): Power washer, TFR (traffic film remover), an applicator for TFR, snow foam.

Have any questions about our products? Just let us know and we’ll get right back to you! 

Our top tip: Remember to empty your car of wasteful weights! Extra luggage = extra fuel

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